Opinion – The return of the chlorinated chicken – EUobserver – John Gelmini

This talk about chlorinated chicken from this article, brought to us by Dr Alf from EU observer, is frankly nonsense.

This, given the fact that chlorine is used in the UK’s drinking water supply and in swimming pools across the country, in addition to counties like Bedfordshire which add fluoride to the water as well.

Fluoride lows IQ by 20% and eventually can trigger dementia which is the UK’s leading cause of death ahead of cancer. Dr Alf may know that fluoride was added to drinking water in Nazi concentration camps to keep prisoners docile.

Americans die earlier than people in the UK primarily because of financial pressures at work, overeating and the fact that private medical insurance cuts off at about 74.

UK life expectancy is the second worst in Western Europe and morbidity due to drinking twice the global average for alcohol, poor diet, lack of exercise, obesity and the consumption of recreational drugs, smoking, vaping, eating at the wrong time, drinking on an empty stomach is the worst.

The disdain for traditional marriage and family life, high rates of divorce and cohabitee breakup and the ingestion of chemicals placed in food, cooking materials, till rolls, plastics, hair dye, aluminium saucepans and cooking foil are far worse than the potential effect of chlorine washed chicken from America.

John Gelmini

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