How to avoid nuclear war with North Korea – Lead – Economist

This is a must-read lead article from the Economist. It cautions that there are no good options to curb Kim Jong Un but blundering into war would be the worst.

Source: How to avoid nuclear war with North Korea

The conclusion suggests that it’s really time for cooler heads to prevail.

We have seen today that the Chinese President called President Trump perhaps that will do the trick?

Two hours ago, China’s leading newspaper People’s Daily tweeted:

Chinese President Xi spoke w Trump over the phone on Sat, called for restraint to avoid escalation of tensions on Korean Peninsula

Unfortunately, I fear that Trump is playing to the US domestic audience to try to win back some popularity and deflect attention from the Russian enquiry. Are Americans so gullible that they can’t see the dangers of US military intervention in North Korea?

Perhaps, it’s time for anti-war demonstrations to return to America’s streets?



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