Opinion – Opioids may be killing thousands more people each year than we previously thought – Vox – John Gelmini

Let me try to answer the three question Dr Alf raises in response to the Vox article.

  1. How much worse is the data in 2017 than 2014 according to best estimates?


2) What’s the projection for say the next three years?

A rise of 100% based on the increased rate of job destruction by AI and technology, the realisation that Donald Trump is powerless to “bring the jobs back” and rising divorce rates as woman move away at warp speed from their newly impoverished husbands, a phenomenon observed with forensic precision by Professor Andrew Oswald in the UK looking at causes for divorce on this side of the water which follow American trends.

3) When can we expect Trump’s national emergency to start halting the deterioraiation and then improving matters to say pre-2014 levels?

Never because Trump will soon be out of office and because the proposed measures do not deal with factors in the American workplace and way of life which are driving opiate use in the first instance.

John Gelmini

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