Opinion – Former David Davis aide announces new pro-EU party – POLITICO

Politico reports that James Chapman, who has worked for David Davis and George Osborne, will officially announce the new party at a march in London on September 9.

Source: Former David Davis aide announces new pro-EU party – POLITICO

I wish James Chapman luck but he’ll have his work cut-out.

For sure, Chapman has outstanding political skills but he’ll need to make Nigel Farage look like a character in a children’s pantomime to reverse the Brexit damage. Chapman will have to lead the heavy-hitters. Watch for big names to commit to Chapman, especially Conservative & Labour senior politicians.

Fear will be the dominant factor in UK politics in twelve months. The public are tired, hard-up and angry and at the moment they’re taken in by the Pied Piper of Islington. Meanwhile, the Conservative Party has been hijacked by shadowy right-wing politicians who are looking out for the best interests of the privileged.

james Chapman is staking his name to the middle ground of UK politics but can he reverse the magnetism of Far Right and Far Left populism?





2 responses

  1. The answer to Dr Alf’s question is that the new political party will split the Labour Party ,further marginalise the Liberal Democrats and not stop Brexit.
    The Conservatives will move further to the right and be made smaller and less appealing even with May replaced as the mixture of “young pretenders” like Rees Mogg and Ruth Davidson and older ones like Hammond,Davis and Johnson are insufficiently telegenic and appealing.
    Patel and Kwarzi Kwarteng would be better choices but the Conservative Party has lost its “bottle” and its commonsense and might let May stay despite her incompetence and capacity for narrow minded thinking.

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