Opinion – Are there white nationalists in the White House? | PolitiFact – John Gelmini

To understand what is happening in America one needs to look at history.

Hitler and Mussolini, in their day, promised a solution to creating jobs for the masses, based on war and the persecution of minorities, what Hitler used to call the “lower orders”.

Trump promises to “Bring the jobs back from China” but says nothing about India or Vietnam.

He knows that with robotics, automation, AI and cybernetics that this is impossible, so he demonizes Mexicans and all sorts of people, whom he and his family are happy enough to employ on building his hotels, golf resorts and licensed buildings bearing his name.

To some extent, Trump is a prisoner of Steve Bannon, the man who mobilised the two million unemployed white men who had not voted for 20 years.

There are no fascists, or their ilk, in the White House but there are people who let it flourish in the country at large, as a safety valve in much the same way as Roman emperors used to stage gladiatorial combats in the Arena as a way to distract the people from their lot.

Demographics will overwhelm the situation by 2042, just 24 years and 8 months from now, because by then blacks and Hispanics will outnumber whites in America.

Unrealistic promises have been made to poor white people, so with Obamacare stripped back, no insurance provision for the unemployed full stop, the plan is to effectively let these people die off through the ingestion of drugs, alcohol consumption and no healthcare provision.

Obviously, they are going to get angry and people in the White House are happy to harvest that anger for their own ends, in common with David Duke, the ageing, former leader of the Klu Klux Klan. an organisation created by General Albert Pike, after the end of the American Civil War, along with the blueprint for three World Wars, which is contained in his letter to Mazzini in 1871.

What happened in Charlottesville will happen again in other parts of America, as a distraction from the failure of the American Government, in common with all other governments outside of China to prepare people for a jobless future.

Those in the White House now including Trump are in “Pontius Pilate” hand washing mode, finger-pointing at angry misguided young men and older ones that they have tricked into believing that economic salvation and jobs were at hand.

At some point, a war in a distant place, will be engineered and the right-wing anger, in these angriest of young men, will be channeled into fighting terrorists. This was the philosophy behind the Hitler Youth, the SS and the use of Stormtroopers. The methodology will be more sophisticated and some jobs in armaments factories will temporarily created, thus creating the illusion that economics policies are working and that “jobs are being brought back” as promised. By then Trump may well have gone, only to be replaced by Pence, or perhaps Tillerson, who speaks more quietly than Trump.

Dr Alf is right to be concerned because there is not that much difference between these right-wing groups and because they are all being orchestrated for nefarious ends by people with malevolent intent.

John Gelmini

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