Opinion – Donald Trump’s Crisis of Legitimacy | John Cassidy – The New Yorker

English: The Exterior of the Oval Office, as v...

English: The Exterior of the Oval Office, as viewed from the South Lawn July 15, 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: This photo depicts Donald Trump's sta...

English: This photo depicts Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a brilliant analysis from John Cassidy in the New Yorker. He argues that through pigheadedness, or prejudice, or both, Trump has moved onto political ground that makes it virtually impossible for others to coöperate with him.

Source: Donald Trump’s Crisis of Legitimacy | The New Yorker

Cassidy concludes that outside the arena of national security, the Presidency is a weak office. He reminds us to get anything substantial done, the person in the Oval Office has to put together coalitions, bringing along powerful people and interest groups. Clearly the evidence highlights that Trump is focused more on his ego than political leverage.

So how long will Trump be marooned in the Oval Office? Clearly, the simple answer is that he’ll remain until he resigns or is impeached. Although a recent survey suggests that 40% of the US population would like to see him impeached, this view does not seem to be supported by GOP voters. For the moment, leading GOP politicians are happy ready to leave Trump in play. Impeachment proceedings would probably need the support of the GOP, or the majority of Trump’s cabinet and that looks way off.

But without political support, the US government will eventually grind to a halt – finance will be key. The GOP will not want to take political losses in the mid-term elections but they’re playing with fire.

So what will trigger Trump’s resignation? Perhaps, he’ll be pushed into resigning if the ‘links with Russia investigation’ starts to seriously threaten his family?

Meanwhile, there’s one person ready to play ‘double or nothing’ – that’s Steve Bannon. Will Trump turn to Bannon once again for a winning strategy or will he listen to his family?


Bannon has since been fired from his role at the White House and has announced that he’s returning to Breibart News. I sense that Bannon is still important to Trump if Trump wants to retain the support of those who voted for him

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