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Barcelona Remembered – At what point do we decide that it politically correct to be tougher on Islamic countries who have ties to terrorist organizations?

Let me try to answer the above question which was posed on Facebook after the Barcelona terrorist attrocity. Clearly, based on recent incidents, like Barcelona, the time for action is overdue.

Terrorism flaunts the political and legal establishment in Western democracies. Sadly, geopolitics prevails. Obama’s foreign policy precipitated an explosion in terrorism and he reached a ‘nuclear deal’ with Iran, despite Iran sponsoring terrorist organizations. Trump’s foreign policy yoyos, depending upon who’s got his ear, viz. ‘nationalist’ Bannon or his unelected, son-in-law.

Perhaps, we should be encouraged by Ajazeera headline ‘Three Gulf states and Egypt cut ties with Qatar and imposed a land, sea and air blockade’, one of the reasons being Qatar’s sponsorship of terrorism? But the group includes Saudi Arabia, who’s also funded the spread of terror and particularly building of new mosques where radical Islam is not restricted. Meanwhile, Western governments like the US & the UK have warmed towards Saudi Arabia in the last six months – Trump’s foreign policy? Critically, the proposed Russian/American ceasefire in Syria will increase Iran’s ability to promote terror (highlighted by Mossad led delegation to Washington ).

The bottom line is that Western governments will give priority to strategic interests and continue to react to terrorism which itself will evolve.

Surely, the victims of terrorist atrocities, like Barcelona, deserve more?