7 times Trump tried to call off the dogs on Russia – The Washington Post

Even if you’ve switched off politics for the Summer, it’s time to wake up to reality. According to the Washington Post, there’s a growing body of evidence mounting against Trump. It highlights the seven times Trump tried to call off the dogs on Russia.

Source: 7 times Trump tried to call off the dogs on Russia – The Washington Post

The seven examples provides powerful insights into Trump leadership and political skills.

There are probably only three political outcomes:

  1. Impeachment
  2. Trump’s resignation, or
  3. Trump fighting the system and running his full term.

The chances of (3) seems increasingly remote. In the Autumn, it’s increasingly likely that financial support for the US government will collapse, sending thousands of civil servants home.

As for option (2), Trump is used to playing poker and won’t resign unless he family is seriously threatened, probably as a result of investigations into Russia.

This leaves impeachment but for the moment the GOP has been greedily looking out for their best interests and those of their sponsors.

Any thoughts on when the cards will crash?


One response

  1. Dr Alf wonders when the Donald will be hounded out of office or impeached. At the current speed of events, I would rule out impeachment, which leaves being forced out or resigning.

    Being forced out makes for great theatre, so that Trump can say that he did his best, that his enemies were bad people, wanting to do the little man down, and that Mike Pence was a good man, ready to carry on the great work that he (Donald Trump) has already started).

    With one more great bombastic flourish, he can do this in the run-up to next Easter, having reflected deeply over Christmas and New Year.

    Then he can go back to creating a new business, having left his sons in charge and using what he has learned from the eight months thus far, he can start to live vicariously in a political sense, through his daughter, Ivanka, who after 2.5 years of grooming can be readied to run as the first female presidential candidate in 2022 or 2026, if the first attempt fails.

    A lot depends on the state of the US economy, on which Lord Rothschild recently commented when he said that he thought the days of quantitative easing had probably run their course. He reinforced his prognosis by moving billions out of the USA and into investments in the Far East, which indicates to me that for the time being he foresees a correction at best, or a recession at worst, or is preparing for the planned war that nobody outside of the Neocons and the Military Industrial Complex want.

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