Opinion – No ‘constructive ambiguity’. Labour will avoid Brexit cliff edge for UK economy | Opinion | Keir Starmer – The Guardian

Here’s an important op-ed in today’s Guardian/Observer. The author Keir Starmer, Shadow Brexit Secretary, announces a new Brexit policy for Jeremy Corbyn‘s Labour Party. Labour will seek a transitional deal and to remain in a customs union with the EU and within the single market.

Source: No ‘constructive ambiguity’. Labour will avoid Brexit cliff edge for UK economy | Opinion | Keir Starmer – The Guardian

The new Labour policy will appeal to both businesses and unions who are increasingly alarmed at the Conservatives‘ rush to the cliff edge. The new approach is shrewdly pragmatic and will also appeal to UK workers with three major worries:

  1. Job security post Brexit
  2. Lower real incomes levels causing an erosion in the quality of life
  3. Inflation because of the depressed levels of Sterling against both the USD & the Euro.

Most importantly, Conservative MPs who favor a soft Brexit will be challenged as to whether to support the Labour position or their party’s hard Brexit option. This will once again threaten Theresa May‘s leadership position. With the EU withdrawal bill returning to Parliament 7 September for a second reading. Conservative whips must now burn the midnight oil.

Meanwhile, next week the Conservative Government returns to Brussels for the next round of EU negotiations, so pressure will increase. Unfortunately, Theresa May and her Brexit Ministers, Davis, Johnson and Fox, have already proven themselves to be very poor negotiators. To regain the initiative the Conservatives must offer significant concessions but Labour has now probably put the Government on the back foot.

Any thoughts on the UK Brexit position by the Christmas parliamentary recess, and indeed who might be UK Prime Minister?


One response

  1. I think it is too early to say that because Labour have crafted a Brexit policy which is superficially attractive that this somehow means that the Conservative government is ready to be trounced.

    Dr Alf is right to say that May and her 3 stooges, Davis, Fox and Johnson are poor negotiators and that the proposals from Kier Starmer are going to put May on the back foot but as the Australians say “It is not over until the fat lady sings”.

    On present showing, we are unlikely to ever be out of the EU, apart from the contradictions on immigration, indigenous worker productivity, laziness and unwillingness to do menial jobs. We lack exports, British business is not investing, selling or exporting enough, our corporation taxes are too high to enable us to compete with the Dublin Financial District – we lack a Mittelstand – our infrastructure belongs in the age of the horse and cart and our public sector is too expensive, too large and not fit for purpose.

    Without progress in each of these areas we are not prepared for life in the wider world and our political and business elite seem not to care.

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