North Korea fires missile over Japan in sharp escalation of tensions | The Japan Times

Emblem of the Prime Minister of Japan

Emblem of the Prime Minister of Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a breaking story, the Japan Times reported that in an “unprecedented, grave and serious” threat to Japan, nuclear-armed North Korea test-fired an unidentified ballistic missile that overflew Japan on Tuesday morning.

Source: North Korea fires missile over Japan in sharp escalation of tensions | The Japan Times

Whilst there was no damage nor casualties, this was a serious escalation. Although the Japanese prime minister was quickly alerted, it seems that Japan took no evasive action. But Prime Minister Abe quickly phoned President Trump. Since 1951, there’s been the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan. After WWII, the US occupied Japan until full sovereignty was returned in 1951. In return for Japan agreeing not the militarize again, the US agreed to defend Japan.

Japan and the US are currently involved in defensive tests, which may have irritated North Korea.

The Japan Times concludes:

The White House has said that all options remain on the table, including military action, stoking concerns of a second Korean War that would devastate the region.


One response

  1. Kim Jong Un will continue to test America and Donald Trump for as long as the latter remains in office or until the bluff is called.

    What is required is a demonstration of the HAARP device ideally focussed on causing a massive earthquake in the North Korean capital followed by floods of great power.

    Making the sea boil at a decent sized port as happened with a demonstration to the Iranians a few years ago might concentrate minds without triggering an attack on Seoul just 40 miles to the South of the North /South Korean border.

    Dr Alf who has travelled extensively throughout the world and in the Far East in particular knows first hand the importance of “face” and how the perceived loss of it in the minds of the North Koreans and the mercurial Donald Trump could spiral out of control and lead to catastrophic events.
    North Korea does not want to feel bullied and in its position I would not give up my nuclear weapons based on the real life examples posed by the purported fate of Saddam Hussein,the brutal murder of Ghadaffi and what is happening in Iraq and Syria now.

    The West should contain Kim Jong Un ,shoot down all his missiles and give him a demonstration of brute power in the form of controlling the weather with HAARP.

    Then we should work out where he is and where he seeks solace with his various mistresses.
    America has fully cloaked craft and has had invisibility suits since 1974.

    We should then use this capability to terminate him with extreme prejudice using special forces people equipped for the job with “Ironman suits” and silent weapons.

    His replacement (our henchman or woman) should be waiting in the wings ready to take over.

    American troops would not be in a unified Korea sitting on the Chinese border but would stay where they are,something China would prefer to a unified Korea.

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