Opinion – North Korea issue stuck in a vicious cycle: experts – Global Times

English: area map of Pyongyang Category:North ...

English: area map of Pyongyang Category:North Korea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

China‘s influential newspaper, Global Times, publishes an insightful op-ed on North Korea. It reports that China on Wednesday reminded relevant parties to fully implement UN Security Council resolutions, which do not only include putting pressure on Pyongyang using sanctions but also peaceful and diplomatic means to resolve the issue.

Source: North Korea issue stuck in a vicious cycle: experts – Global Times

The article highlights the difference between Western and Chinese expectations on North Korea. It takes a dim view of UK Prime Minister‘s statement from Tokyo that China needs to do more to restrain North Korea. The article is also quite critical of US policy in relation to North Korea. [For a Western perspective see yesterday’s NYT article]

The Global Times article fails to recognize that North Korea is the aggressor and is potentially threatening innocent people. It’s also in bad taste to highlight Japanese children seeking refuge under their school desks – this is code for ‘see, the mighty Japanese imperial army has no teeth now’.

The US must defend Japan and Guam, so we need to be very careful that North Korean escalations, don’t either deliberately or inadvertently, commit an act of war. Escalation to war level is a real risk and needs to be effectively mitigated. Trump’s tweets don’t help international diplomacy.

I don’t see who’s going to broker ‘peaceful and diplomatic means to resolve the issue’, so are we looking at war?




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  1. Dr Alf asks “Are we looking at war” over North Korea.
    The answer is quite possibly because Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump are thin skinned petulant people who when the chips are down will not be doing any fighting.
    The Chinese cannot afford a war and neither can America because if China is drawn into one or is overwhelmed with North Korean refugees fleeing from the fighting they will not be minded to go on buying US debt and propping up that economy.
    The PNAC website and the people who compiled the words on it want a war and so does the the armaments manufacturers including Lockheed Martin ,Northrop Grumann,Raytheon Defence Systems,Bell Textron,Thales and our own BAE Defence Systems.
    They all represent the modern day versions of Krupp and Sir Basil Zaharoff the merchants of death in the previous 2 World Wars.
    The power of modern nuclear weapons is hundreds of times greater than anything we saw in previous conflicts and once they are used the process escalates.
    Currently a single Russian or American bomb of the most powerful variety could flatten and obliterate an area the size of Wales in a single explosion so there is no possibility of people being able to dismiss what might happen as “Events in a faraway place about which we know very little”.
    Creating extreme weather events such as massive earthquakes and floods and some sea boiling at a major port is the way to restrict the casualties to North Korea and not risk our young fighting men on yet another dangerous adventure.
    Someone like General Mattis could perhaps be sent to North Korea to reason with the hotheaded Kim and talk to the North Korean Generals.
    Mattis is a respected military figure with real combat experience and could ,because of who he is and his background,get through to the North Korean leader and his Generals in a way which a civilian couldn’t.
    This or something like it needs to be tried because for me the alternative is unthinkable and bodes ill for us all including those who seek such a war.

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