Opinion – The UK Life Sciences Industrial Strategy – Gov.uk

The UK Life Sciences Industrial Strategy document issued by the UK government is attracting world media attention but the devil’s in detail. There are no assumptions, scenarios, risk analysis/mitigation. If this is typical quality of Brexit papers, no wonder the EU is pushing back.

The report is written by Life Science’s Champion Professor Sir John Bell, and provides recommendations to government on the long term success of the life sciences sector. It was written in collaboration with industry, academia, charity, and research organisations. The report is organised into 7 themes:

  • Health Advanced Research Programme (HARP) proposal
  • reinforcing the UK science offer
  • growth and infrastructure
  • NHS collaboration
  • data
  • skills
  • regulation

Sir John Bell was commissioned by government to put forward proposals for a sector deal in the Industrial Strategy green paper.

Perhaps, I am being too harsh on this report but it doesn’t seem to deal with context, political risk and accept the massive economic downside risks from Brexit?

I am sure that Sir John Bell knows his subject but this report fails to address the economic, social and political risks going forward.

What really concerns me is Theresa May’s government trying to publish a series of similar reports and thinking that they have a strategy for Brexit – it’s dreaming or sleepwalking – and in the cold light of day, it will surely lead to disaster?


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