Dazed and fused? North Korea – Economist Expresso 

Here’s a thoughtful update from the Economist. It looks like both the US and Chinese leaders have been caught on the back foot again.  America needs to be careful not to issue threats that it has not war-gamed. Perhaps Trump should stop tweeting and start being more presidential? 

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  1. In this post from Economist Expresso, Dr Alf thinks that Donald Trump should be more Presidential and Tweet less.

    The Pentagon has wargamed all the permutations of a second Korean war and has found that the casualty levels are so horrendous that they do not wish to use the military options they have unless everything else fails.

    It is easy to rage, talk of “fire and fury” and make threats on Twitter but unlike Kings of old who risked their lives and led their troops into battle the Trumps of this world and the Kim Jong Un’s can sit in their protected bunkers while others risk life and limb.

    Kim Jong Un has obtained the attention he seeks and now needs a demonstration of what he faces via the HAARP weather warfare weapon now based in Antarctica and one of the ship borne platforms.

    Redirecting the jet stream to deliver 4 months of rainfall within say 2 days would cause massive flooding and tie up his troops, creating an earthquake would tie up more and using space based weapons to boil the sea at his biggest port would show a massive cloud overhead followed by a long twisting grey quasi waterspout emanating from the cloud entering the water and boiling it with such ferocity that fish would be leaping out of the water and perishing on the shore.

    It was done in Iran as a demonstration to them and it needs to be tried now combined with the intercession of a top American General like Dempsey who has stepped down and a Jimmy Carter style elder statesman before matters get out of control.

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