Opinion – 50 is the new 60: One in 10 men has heart a decade older than them, warns Public Health England 

This Telegraph article is repackaging what’s well known. The media should be challenging Public Health England for results and not just from medication. There’s a lifestyle challenge – both diet and exercise.

The article simply says that 50 is the new 60 and one in 10 men has heart a decade older than them, citing warnings from Public Health England 


What ever happened to the Telegraph as a quality newspaper? 


Opinion – NYTimes: To Understand Rising Inequality, Consider the Janitors at Two Top Companies, Then and Now

This is an interesting read from the NYT. The article argues that to understand rising inequality, consider the janitors at two top US companies, then and now .https://nyti.ms/2x1YnuD
With the rapid growth of technology and outsourcing/offshoring, this article is on the button. 

But the article is generalizable to the UK for example. Consider the UK public sector that has been savaged by austerity but politicians and overpaid bureaucrats have been too weak to embrace radical change.  Now for example we’re witnessing piecemeal outsourcing in the NHS,  including to aggressive US companies – it’s like the NYT describes.