Opinion – Neither Washington nor Pyongyang can overawe each other – Editorial – Global Times

Here’s a challenging editorial from China’s outspoken newspaper, the Global Times. It reports that China is the main external victim of the North Korean nuclear crisis. It argues critically that it would be of no help if Washington and Seoul claim that China should take the major responsibility to prevent North Korea from conducting nuclear and missile activities and impose pressure on Beijing in an unfriendly manner.

Source: Neither Washington nor Pyongyang can overawe each other – Global Times

The Global Times article is critical of both US policy and threats to North Korea.

As I have said before, Trump’s tweeting weakens the US position. Trump’s government must be ready to deliver, otherwise they’re showing weakness. Threatening sanctions on China because China trades with North Korea will have profound implications for world trade, economic growth and social policies.

Who’s really controlling power in the US, the globalists or the nationalists?


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