Opinion – Russia’s Fake Americans – The Editorial Board – the NYT

This an important read from the NYT. But surely it’s not that surprising? Part of the issue is that certain classes of Americans are showing themselves as naive and gullable. After all, if your main source of information is Facebook and Twitter, surely you’ve got to take responsibility for yor own stupidity?

I have five thousand plus followers on Twitter and less than a hundred whom I follow. I only follow accredited independent sources. Facebook use I keep to the minimum. With an important breaking news story, I look for the evidence and most importantly I validate information with multiple sources. Perhaps, I’m just too suspicious?

There’s an old Latin maxim, ‘Caveat Emptar’ – let the buyer beware. In an age of social media and false news, readers have a responsibility to check their sources.

Russia understands the weaknesses in American society and it was possibly considered an easy win. But by comparison, Putin is telling the Russian IT industry that it must not rely on US software and must develop it’s own products.

Of course, the NYT editorial is right. The NYT conclusion is spot-on, namely that the people need to question why Trump and Congress are not doing more about the foreign policy invasion in US democracy. Surely, it’s time to dump the populists and replace them with people power?






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