North Korea threatens to sink Japan and turn US to ‘ashes and darkness’ | World news | The Guardian

The Guardian reports that Tokyo condemns ‘absolutely unacceptable’ provocation, as Pyongyang reacts to imposition of new UN sanctions following missile tests.

Source: North Korea threatens to sink Japan and turn US to ‘ashes and darkness’ | World news | The Guardian

These are seriously scary headlines but the UN Security Council must have anticipated a hostile response from North Korea. It now times for the international community to speak and act in unison to avoid a military escalation.


2 responses

  1. Hard to see any strategy except “wait and see”. A military response is clearly out of the question because of the huge casualties. Maybe America, under its next President after the awful Trump, could deal with China to create a unified, non-aligned, Korea ?

  2. This is an interesting piece from Dr Alf but a sense of proportion is required before we go down the “fire and fury ” route of military action and measures affecting China whose help we need.
    This is just bellicose rhetoric from a dictator enjoying the limelight and the words of Mnuchin the ex Goldman Sachs man are frankly misguided and indicate that he is out of his depth.
    We must not rise to the bait but give Kim Jong Un a demonstration of HAARP via sea boiling and an earthquake followed by torrential rains and devastating storms.
    The young man understands actions but words to someone who would dispatch his uncle with an anti aircraft gun and feed his remains to hungry dogs,then have his aunt and half brother murdered are going to have no effect.

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