Opinion – Brexit repeal bill: Labour fails to defeat Government’s EU Withdrawal Bill in ‘deeply disappointing’ late-night Commons vote | London Evening Standard – John Gelmini

As Dr Alf knows, this is only the first stage of the Bill and the chances are the House of Lords will give it a good mauling before matters are finished.

Labour may be split but the Trades Unions, Momentum and the left-wing are not. They plan a General Strike to bring the Government down and judging from the limp wristed non response to the three years of South West Train strikes, the running sore of militant postal workers I see no concerted response in the form of anti strike legislation covering essential public services and no firm action to deal with underperforming councils, police forces and overpaid, underperforming chief executives, who adopt the “I’m worth it ” philosophy of the Oil of Olay commercial.

The Conservatives need to regain their confidence, stop being minimalist and start street fighting with young telegenic leadership, with May gone for good.

Sticking to the present cabinet and to May is going to lead to political oblivion. The Party needs to rediscover its ruthless streak and start systems building on brownfield land, using troops and long term unemployed on workfare to do the work, once they have been conscripted into the Army as part of a branch of National Service.

When I drive to Letchworth or any other town containing a Jobcentre and a JD Witherspoon pub, it should not be possible for me or anyone else to see a single person of working age walking from the jobcentre during the week into the pub, a tattoo parlour,a  vaping centre or a snooker hall. They should all be working on building new systems built houses on brownfield land, converting used shipping containers into homes for housing benefit recipients and refurbishing houses abandoned by councils due to dilapidation.

John Gelmini

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  1. John, as usual, thank you for sharing your views which I have reblogged.

    The idea of reintroducing National Service is fascinating. Perhaps, we could have a Welfare Division of the Army, manned in the main by conscripts?

    Surely, this would have multiple benefits?

    • Nothing short of National Service will solve the youth unemployment crisis, the military recruitment crisis, the obesity and couch potato crisis and the rampant indiscipline and fecklessness which exists.

      Two years of National Service, followed by business mentoring for the intellectually challenged, would more than pay for itself by eliminating NEETS who number more than 1.4 million, fixing youth crime and the associated policing and custodial costs.

      While people were serving abroad in barracks or Navy ships they would not require homes. These could be built using refurbished shipping containers, 3D printing and systems assembly on brownfield land during the period of overseas service.

      Benefits would be turned into universal income, which would require work in exchange. People with normal jobs or businesses would be able to keep this income but would pay a flat tax on all of it plus their universal income. Benefit recipients would get universal income tax free but would do work as directed based on their capabilities but from 16 to 18 everyone with few exceptions would do compulsory National Service.

      Warfighting would be undertaken by regular troops, supplemented by robots, and drones with those in National Service undertaking support and logistics roles under supervision.

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