Opinion – Theresa May to deliver major speech on Brexit after talks with EU stall | The Independent


This important story from the Independent can be viewed many ways, depending upon your perspective. It reports that Theresa May will travel to Florence next week to make a major speech on Brexit, in a bid to kickstart stalled talks with the EU. She is expected to give European dignitaries her view on the state of Brexit talks and “assist” her negotiating team in nudging discussion on to critical future trading relations.

Source: Theresa May to deliver major speech on Brexit after talks with EU stall | The Independent

Conservative hard-Brexit supporters will be excited by the choice of Florence, Italy, signalling a new Renaissance in the UK, sovereignty restored, an international trading powerhouse, lean, hard and tough on immigrants.

The Far Left wing of the Labour party will see Florence as a stepping stone to the demise of Theresa May and the hailing of the next Far Left Labour government, installed on the back of the Conservatives’ disastrous Brexit deal, with the economy in free-fall, no investment and falling jobs, with the public services at their knees with a massive cash crisis. They’ll still be crying, ‘Bring on the revolution!’

European politicians will look to leveraging May’s speech to their own political ends, probably with Angela Merkel confirmed as the German and European leader, once again.

Arch skeptics, like myself, and level headed risk-managers will remember May’s disastrous election performance, showing both weak leadership and judgement. Against this deeply biased perspective, May’s speech will be more akin to black magic, trying to get rabbits out of the hat. But cynics know that May will have no magical powers, they disappeared with her political power.

So what’s the prognosis for Brexit, hard, soft or is no Brexit still a possibility?


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