Brexit: Boris Johnson labelled a ‘nationalist liar’ by European newspapers after reviving £350m claim | The Independent| The Independent

The Independent reports that Boris Johnson’s weekend intervention in Brexit negotiations has been received with open-mouthed disbelief across continental European newspapers. It adds that most outlets suggested the Foreign Secretary’s 4,000-word Daily Telegraph article spelling out his own Brexit plan would weaken Theresa May’s hand with EU negotiators still further,  just days ahead of her crunch speech in Florence.

Source: Brexit: Boris Johnson labelled a ‘nationalist liar’ by European newspapers after reviving £350m claim | The Independent

Johnson’s weekend intervention was well planned to undermine Theresa May’s key-note speech in Florence but was in very bad taste as the government reacted to a major terrorist incident in London.

Perhaps Johnson thinks he can do a ‘Donald Trump‘, with a populist agenda but he’s lost his charisma since his days as London Mayor. Johnson’s track record is as a buffoon, maverick, showman, incredibly light on detail and not taken seriously by mainstream politicians around the world. Most importantly Johnson will be judged on his £350m Brexit claim – highlighted by leading Spanish paper, El Pais, as a ‘proven lie’. Ordinary British people who have felt the squeeze of higher costs and lower real pay levels know that Johnson’s not to be trusted.

If the right-wing of the Conservative Party are ready to take the risk of replacing Theresa May, surely there are far younger, slimmer and more attractive candidates? But perhaps, they’re more afraid of precitating an early election and losing?


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