Slap-hug diplomacy: Trump at the UN – The Economist Expresso 

From The Economist Espresso: Slap-hug diplomacy: Trump at the UN

This is a good article as Trump turns to the UN. In recent weeks we’ve seen a new side of Trump.  Firstly a quick political deal with the Democrats has left the GOP on the back foot.  Now Trump turns to international diplomacy. It’s still not clear whether  the nationalists or the globalists are holding more sway with Trunp?

But just possibly Trump can lead the way forward on both Iran and North Korea?


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  1. Like Dr Alf I hope Trump can and that he resolves the related issues with China and Russia amicably.
    I watch Trump’s hand movements very carefully to see whether he is saying one thing to his immediate and television audience and another to those who understand what the hand movements mean.
    As Confucious said many years ago “The world is ruled by signs and symbols not treaties or laws”.
    Some of Trump’s hand movements suggest a double message or at best a double bluff but we have to judge matters on evidence and actions which requires carefully reserving judgement.

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