The Tories are in chaos, so Labour must stand ready | Polly Toynbee | Opinion | The Guardian


In this Guardian op-ed, veteran left-wing writer, Polly Toynbee suggests that Jeremy Corbyn’s party has the chance to lighten the Brexit darkness with a New Deal and trumpets that he must seize the opportunity.

Source: The Tories are in chaos, so Labour must stand ready | Polly Toynbee | Opinion | The Guardian

Toynbee has concatenated evidence longitudinally and blamed the Tories. But she failed to explain the context and the alternative options. Most importantly, she failed to mention the financial mess that the Tories inherited from the Labour Government post the 2008 financial crisis.

Personally, I think that Tony Blair put his finger on the dilemma. A right-wing Tory government is likely to lead to a hard Brexit, dire economic consequences  and lose the next election. But a Far Left Labour government, which inherits the post Brexit chaos will find the cupboard bare and will not be able to afford their brand socialist utopia.

What Polly Toynbee fails to identify is that Monitor and the Far Left radicals want the Labour Party to sit on their hands, removed from the Brexit calamity, so that they can blame the capitalists and the globalists, then they’ll intervene and cry, ‘Bring on the Revolution’.

Is this is another episode in the ‘Pied Piper of Islington’ fantasy series?



One response

  1. Jeremy Corbyn was not able to defeat the Government on the Repeal Bill when it was obvious that this was an open goal which he and Kier Starmer should have had no trouble in scoring.
    The Conservatives are split ,led by a loser and incompetent(May) and have a buffoon in their ranks who has grown fat and bloated on too many expensive lunches (Boris),yet they won this vote.
    This tells me that with what Dr Alf calls younger ,slimmer and more attractive leadership,the Conservatives could do very much better.
    Add to these qualities, street fighting and looking sharp and impressive on television and you have the makings of something like the Tory machine of old,ruthless,competent and able to get the job done.
    The Labour Party is not the party of aspiration but the party of envy,benefit recipients,malevolent Trades Unionists,troublesome Muslims and people who think something can be had for nothing.
    The future Conservative leader needs to talk up aspiration,bring in internment for troublesome Muslims,outlaw strikes in essential public services and call time on Fat Cat bosses who pay themselves eye watering amounts of money for essentially not doing their jobs.
    He/She needs to start preparing the country for life outside the EU with lower corporation taxes,faster writing down allowances and the placement of export sales onto a war footing.
    National Service needs to be introduced to deal with youth unemployment,indiscipline and the military recruitment crisis simultaneously.
    This would help with worker productivity because people would see that slackness,politically correct nonsense and getting money for nothing were not going to be tolerated quite as much as they are now.
    A new EU negotiator to replace the almost horizontal Davis would be deployed and that person would start putting stakes in the ground not listening to Barnier’s grandstanding.
    That means a medium length transition arrangement coupled with a requirement for free movement of people with specific jobs to go to rather than the free movement of just anybody.

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