Trump Vows to Totally Destroy North Korea if it Threatens U.S. – New York Times

I agree with Donald Trump for giving the UN a bit of a shake-up. I also understand his reference to America First. However, whilst I agree with him factually on both North Korea and Iran, I believe that he seriously underplayed the importance of diplomacy.

It will be interesting to see newspaper headlines in Russia and China on Wednesday.

Despite Trump’s veiled threats on South Korea, he still needs diplomacy. Let’s hope that his words don’t precipitate further escalation from North Korea.


One response

  1. If Donal Trump totally destroyed North Korea he would be obliterating 26 million people or creating a great many refugees just in North Korea.
    This is apart from what might happen to Seoul and on the Chinese border.
    This is half the casualties of World War 2 and we cannot assume that China and Russia would simply sit on their hands while this was going on.
    In the end as Dr Alf suggests diplomacy and talking will have to prevail because none of us in the world would benefit from a World War.
    If there was one and the West won how would Russia and China be occupied given their immense size?.
    Words like “fire and fury” trip easily off the tongue,the reality would be somewhat different.

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