Opinion – NHS CRISIS: Radical action is needed, hospital chief warns | UK | News | Express.co.uk

Here’s a powerful must-read article from the Express for anybody interested in the UK’s public healthcare system. It argues that the NHS is not fit for the 21st century and has failed to adapt to population growth in the UK, citing the new chief inspector of hospitals.

Source: NHS CRISIS: Radical action is needed, hospital chief warns | UK | News | Express.co.uk

The language is pure dynamite. For twenty years or more the money has been squandered on the wrong things. Now the cancer is terminal unless radical action is taken.

But surely the Conservative Government are too weak to now drive radical transformation? So what should be done as a matter of priority?


Opinion – Meet the Conservative Party’s new torchbearers – Bagehot – The Economist

Here’s an outstanding article in the Bagehot column of the Economist. It argues strongly that the Tories need to promote their next generation of leaders—and fast.

Source: Meet the Conservative Party’s new torchbearers

Like every other respectable newspaper, the article concludes that the Conservative Party Conference highlighted weaknesses rather than strengths. Theresa May and her cabinet are targeted as ineffectual, weak and largely lacking brain power. The article highlights some of the highly talented young Conservative MPs, whom Theresa May must quickly promote to stand a chance of appealing to younger voters and winning the next election.

BUT first May must jettison the dead-wood and fire a number of prominent cabinet ministers, including Boris Johnson. But if Johnson is outside the cabinet, it will possibly further undermine her authority both in her own party and in Brexit negotiations.

Will May wield the ax or will she wait for a leadership challenge? And will the outcome trigger a hard Bexit and or an early general election?