Theresa May can restore some of her credibility by putting Boris Johnson in charge of Brexit | The Independent


Here’s a fascinating article from the Independent. It reports that an accident-strewn speech on the last day of the Conservative Party conference took the spotlight off the Foreign Secretary and back on to the Prime Minister, although probably not in the way she had hoped. But the “Boris” problem persists, and it will persist, until Theresa May becomes brave enough or desperate enough to do something about it. The article speculates on Johnson and Davis changing roles.

Source: Theresa May can restore some of her credibility by putting Boris Johnson in charge of Brexit | The Independent

At first this seems a bit wacky. But if we assume that Britain’s heading for a very hard, disaster Brexit, crashing out of the EU, fielding Johnson might be a high risk strategy.


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  1. This is an ill considered and “off the wall” article from the Independent which suggests exchanging a buffoon for an avuncular incompetent.
    Dr Alf and his followership may recall Teddy Roosevelt wanting a letter taken to Garcia.
    Three candidates for the task were presented to Roosevelt.
    The first said “Give me money and a horse”,the second simply asked for a horse,the third and the successful candidate said laconically “Give me the letter”.
    Someone with the strength of will of the 3rd candidate, able to talk to the EU “Where they live” about their desire for money versus our desire for trade versus our ability to create a tax haven to rival Switzerland,Singapore,Luxembourg and Lichtenstein combined needs to be found and directed to concentrate minds.
    EU negotiations if they are to make progress need laser like focus and clearspeak free of waffle and embellishment. Economic reality must guide these talks not grovelling and supplication.
    This rules out Boris or anyone who has not negotiated in the real world.
    David Davis who is smug and half asleep is not up to the mark and May herself is seen as weak and useless.
    That someone needs to be found now but the process of preparing a PLAN B must be accelerated in the event that there is further footdragging.

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