NYTimes: U.S. Will Withdraw From Unesco, Citing Its ‘Anti-Israel Bias’

U.S. Will Withdraw From Unesco, Citing Its ‘Anti-Israel Bias’ https://nyti.ms/2z35NuO

Here’s an important article from the NYT. It’s widely known that UNESCO is biased against Israel. 

No doubt Trump’s advisors have briefed him that there has been a precedent for withdrawing from UNESCO. Last time,  it was over an expenses scandal,  with excessive entertaining at the Tour D’Argent,  one of Paris’s most expensive restaurants.

I admire the Trump team for making a stand.  No doubt UNESCO will be worried about future US financial contributions. 


One response

  1. A very stupid move on the part of the US and totally unfounded. This is yet another sign of US withdrawal from the international scene. In spite of all the Trump rhetoric, this amounts to a loss of leadership. The US hasn’t been paying UNESCO since 2013, it’s in arrears of $600 million, wow! Shame on the US!

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