Opinion – Brexit talks to be delayed after hitting a ‘deadlock’ over Britain’s divorce bill – Business Insider

According to this Business Insider article, the EU’s chief negotiator says he will recommend delaying the next phase of talks until the end of the year.

Source: Brexit talks to be delayed after hitting a ‘deadlock’ over Britain’s divorce bill – Business Insider

The UK team got pushed into following a fixed agenda for negotiations (they were weak and unprepared). The EU are playing by the agreed rules and member countries are in no mood to make concessions.

Theresa May and her Brexit ministers have been far from open and honest with both parliament and the UK public, painting a falsely optimistic position.

Basically, May’s government is ready to crash out of the EU, unless the EU makes concessions. This fight will go right to the wire.

Although I voted Remain, if the UK is forced to crash out of the EU, the UK must make demands on the EU, including deferring financial settlements and strategic agreements, like defense. Surely, it’s time for the UK to play hardball?


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  1. Dr Alf is right but playing “hardball” presupposes that May ,Davis et al actually know what they are doing and can negotiate.
    They have proved themselves incapable of doing the job but still the Conservatives persist in the fiction of May not having an adequate replacement.
    I thought at the start of the process that the country needed to become match fit by being a Singapore/Swiss style tax haven and issuing infrastructure bonds and citizenship bonds to pay for schools,hospitals ,roads,airports,bullet trains and houses.
    We need to be exporting much more and quadrupling the size of the export salesforce.
    All further payments to the EU should be stopped and May and her Cabinet who are neither use nor ornament need to be replaced rapidly.

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