English Education: World Class? – The Education Policy Institute

This is an important read. In this major new EPI report, the article identifies what the new GCSE grades mean in terms of England becoming a world class education system.

Source: English Education: World Class? – The Education Policy Institute

The bottom line is that the UK is behind the curve on maths, reading and sciences.

So who’s to blame and what must be done to make the UK fit for a post-Brexit world?


Opinion – Brexit talks to be delayed after hitting a ‘deadlock’ over Britain’s divorce bill – Business Insider – John Gelmini

Dr Alf is right but playing “hardball” presupposes that May, Davis et al actually know what they are doing and can negotiate. They have proved themselves incapable of doing the job but still the Conservatives persist in the fiction of May not having an adequate replacement.

I thought at the start of the process that the country needed to become ‘match-fit’ by being a Singapore/Swiss style tax haven and issuing infrastructure bonds and citizenship bonds to pay for schools, hospitals, roads, airports, bullet trains and houses.
We need to be exporting much more and quadrupling the size of the export salesforce.

All further payments to the EU should be stopped and May and her Cabinet who are neither use nor ornament need to be replaced rapidly.

John Gelmini