Opinion – The Guardian view on Theresa May and Brexit: time to get off her fantasy island – Editorial – The Guardian


Here’s a brilliant editorial from the Guardian. It argues that Theresa May‘s weakness and Conservative divisions mean she can only control her party by concealing basic truths about the Brexit process.

Source: The Guardian view on Theresa May and Brexit: time to get off her fantasy island – Editorial – The Guardian

The Guardian explores the consequences and they are ugly. May and Davis are delusional about a Canada +++ deal with the EU. The UK’s on to a massive loser. On the one hand, Johnson and Gove will crash out of the EU, with a worst case scenaria. But on the other hand, May’s two year transition deal effectively given the EU control, with the UK’s negotiating position destroyed – actually, the Brexiteers might have reduced effective UK sovereignty.

May and Davis’s lies are not sustainable. There will be a pushback, with a hard-Brexit looking more probable. The greater the lies from May, the more the public will swing to Labour in the next election. Conservative Whips terror tactics, contrasting May or a Marxist Labour Government are misguided. It’s Theresa May who’s going to precipitate the UK first Marxist government.




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  1. In this piece from the Guardian via Dr Alf we are somehow led to believe that May and Davis have an “agreement ” to lose or throw away.
    In reality there is no agreement on anything that I understand an agreement to be.
    That is a piece of paper signed in public with thr press and the media there to take photographs.
    At the moment the so called agreement is a figment of May’s imagination which she can talk about but not produce.
    I have always seen May and Davis as useless negotiators and so it has proved ,unless of course the 2 stooges ,which is what they are were always engaged in an attempt to derail the BREXIT process—the political equivalent of “throwing a fight” in boxing or doping horses and greyhounds to win or lose by running faster and slower when the odds were propitious,something I can remember from my youth when attending certain races where the outcome was known in advance at the old White City dog track and certain racetracks.
    Either way BREXIT may not happen and as long as May is in charge the election is lost just as Grant Shapps said it would be before he was stopped from doing what should have been done months ago

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