Opinion – Adonis on Brexit: ‘No mandarin backs May. Government has broken down’ – Guardian/Observer

Here’s an outstanding, must-read article from the Guardian/Observer.

Source: Adonis on Brexit: ‘No mandarin backs May. Government has broken down’ – Guardian/Observer

Lord Adonis is a rare politician, with excellent strategic vision and expert level delivery skills. Politically, he’s to the right of the Labour Party.

What’s remarkable about this article is the insights into May’s government and the collapse of the Civil Service. The conclusion is that for May’s government, political idealogy trumps reason, common-sense and rational analysis. If I were a betting man, I’d put a wager on  a very hard Brexit and a Marxist Labour Government in the UK.


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  1. The departure of Lord Adonis matters but I am not so sure as Dr Alf is about a Marxist Government and hard BREXIT.
    I can see a long transition period even if we get that far and I do not believe the UK has a “deal” with the EU despite what May claims.
    To begin with we have not been shown a piece of paper with signatures on it nor have we seen Barnier and “thick as mince” David Davis signing anything on television with evidence of flash photography.
    Then we have the possibility of a 2nd Korean War which America can only win with space based weapons and a lot of other people’s cannon fodder.
    Conscripting the young and benefit recipients of military/fighting age whilst exempting graduates would deal with both problems at a stroke.
    It would eliminate much of Momentum’s and Corbyn’s core base,something which the Government is more than capable of doing as they have already agreed to send HMS Queen Elizabeth,the new aircraft carrier to Korea at the same time as they want to decimate the Royal Marines and reduce the standing army to 50,000 men under arms ,a number far too tiny to defend the country let alone project power.
    In the event of war people would not trust Jeremy Corbyn,a pacifist,to lead the country so May would stay unless the Conservatives find their mojo and replace her and the present Cabinet of complacent buffoons.
    If that possibility does not materialise May has already promised the EU £55 billion GBP without any agreement being signed so more concessions are going to be extracted from her and Davis before negotiations are at an end.
    Even then there will probably be a 2nd vote in Parliament which with the assistance of the anachronistic House of Lords will effectively scupper the BREXIT vote as the Bilderbergers and people like Tony Blair and Lord Heseltine wanted all along.

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