Opinion – Brexit ultras v Tory realists: that’s the real battle Rafael Behr – Op-Ed – The Guardian – Rafael Behr

Mussolini (left) and Hitler sent their armies ...

Mussolini (left) and Hitler sent their armies to North Africa and into Egypt against the British (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a brilliant, must-read, op-ed from Rafael Behr in the Guardian. It’s a strongly recommended read.

Source: Brexit ultras v Tory realists: that’s the real battle Rafael Behr – Rafael Behr

The article paints a clear picture of the ‘Brexit Ultras’, a group of right-wing revolutionaries. The ‘Brexit Ultras’ are not interested in evidence and democracy – for them, the ‘end-justifies the means‘. In the thirties, they would have been called Fascists. Despite Hitler and Mussolini, freedom prevailed and defeated Fascism in WWII. In the thirties, there were powerful Fascists in the UK too but democracy prevailed there as well.

Now we see that Rees-Mogg, the self-appointed leader of the ‘Brexit Ultras’ is ready to destroy centuries of democracy in favour of permanent right-wing revolution.

I have a good friend, with strongly left-wing politics, and he frequently argues, ‘Bring on the revolution’ when I question Jeremy Corbyn‘s Far Left takeover of the Labour Party. At least, Jeremy Corbyn was democratically elected the leader of the Labour Party and his supporters opererated within the ‘rules’.

Rees-Mogg has not been elected by the Conservative Party, nor the electorate.

I was quick to highlight that the Far-Left had hijacked the Labour Party. So surely, I must now recognize that the Far-Right (Brexit Ultras) have hijacked the Conservative Party?



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