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This article published in BC, Canada, was brought to my attention by a good friend who’s a voluntary counsellor and a former addict. The context of the article is in British Columbia. The prevailing assumption is that the public are moving from viewing addiction as a moral problem to a sickness since the escalation of the opioid crisis. To me, not a subject expert, this Canadian view seems softer than in the US, where opinions are perhaps more divided. I’m conservative on social issues and still think there’s an important moral case to be addressed on drug addiction. It’s a slippery slope when society tries to blur right and wrong. But technically, drug addiction is also a sickness, within normal definitions.


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  1. Yes this is interesting, I am an addict/Alcoholic in recovery, ie clean for today and 9,000 days plus. the perception of the addict has changed over the last 25 years. Today, it is much easier to ‘Admit’ I’m addicted (As if i have a choice) than when I got clean.Newly sober, I had building insurances doubled, overdraft cancelled etc.

    Alcoholism is a disease as recognized by the World Health Organization, there is no cure recovery in by abstention, therefore sadly i’m an addict not ex addict. Great to see people like you opening up this discussion.

    I am extremely lucky to have had expert full time treatment locked in a unit for 3 months and then love support from family and friends. the real misconception is normal people do not understand the addict mind. Why should you!! It is after all my disease and my responsibility to keep clean. However I needed those three months locked up to begin recovery, Expecting an Alike like me to be able stop drinking is like asking a guy with diarrhea not to take a s%#t.

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