Spending on Schools in England – Factcheck


Here’s an outstanding article on spending on schools in England by the FactCheck team.

The government says school funding in England is at record levels. That’s correct in terms of how many pounds are in the budget, but inflation and increasing pupil numbers mean per-pupil funding has fallen since 2015. The graph shows how school funding is set to change by region, under a new funding system called the National Funding Formula, in 2018/19 compared to 2017/18.

Parents and grandpararents should read the article carefully because austerity is likely to spill over into the quality of education that children receive. Taking into account the impact of Brexit, especially a hard Brexit, expect eye-watering cuts to education. BUT don’t think that Far Left Labour government will be kinder to public education. The Conservative Government will have left the economic cupboard bare because of Brexit.


Souped up growth: America’s Extraordinary Economic Gamble – The Economist

Here’s an outstanding and probably historic lead article from the Economist. Check it out! The article is deeply relevent to savers and investors who have seen wild gyrations in America’s financial markets recently. Interesting, the Economist is more worried about the inexperience of the new head of the Fed, than the impact of the radical tax cuts unleashed by the Trump’s government.