Three or Four Cups of Coffee a Day Might be Good for Your Health – WEF

Citing new research published in the BMJ, this WEF article cautiously give coffee lovers opportunity for cheer. My problem with this sort of article and underlying research is that it’s not definitive and conclusive – note the ‘might’ word. Subjectivity matters – we’re all different and generalizations about coffee must be simplistic. Thoughts?

The Observer View on Theresa May’s Weak Leadership Over Brexit – Observer Editorial

Here’s a powerful, must-read editorial. But let’s open both barrels please. Theresa May’s behaviour is disgraceful and a shameful abuse of power. However, increasingly, Jeremy Corbyn’s weakness on Brexit is becoming a strategic failure. Democracy is being flouted and narrow vested interests from both the Far Left and the Far Right seem increasingly prevalent – revolution is surely their objective?