What Explains US Mass Shootings? International Comparisons Suggest an Answer – NYT

Here’s a must-read article from the NYT, linking US mass shootings to the number of guns in circulation in the US. The article is clear, simple and full of graphic material, benchmarking against other countries. It’s strange, most foreigners understand the societal risks from guns but conservative Americans still fight for their basic frontier freedoms to defend their families. Thoughts?

Opinion – No wonder MPs are getting bored of prime minister’s questions – John Crace – Guardian

Here’s an outstanding must-read political sketch from John Crace in the Guardian. I’ve been debating with myself whether this is strictly satire. It’s certainly humourous in a rather sad, mournful way. But my big question concerns ‘exaggeration’ – I don’t think the article exaggerates and contains any ‘falsies’. Theresa May and to a lesser extent Jeremy Corbyn are wretched, funereal actors, letting others tweak their strings, desperately craving their moment in history. May and Corbyn treat Brexit like a national pantomime but surely history will bury them both with ferocious criticism? Thoughts?