Pro-Brexit Tory MPs set out demands in a letter to Theresa May- BBC

The BBC very cautiously reports that all is not well with the Conservative Party and Theresa May’s approach to Brexit. The right of the party start to show some backbone. But the smart money is watching the Centre Left and Centre Right – will Brexit cause them to unite? Thoughts?

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  1. Dr Alf hits the nail on the head when he says that all is not well with the Conservative Party.
    The letter from Jacob Rees Mogg and his fellow Brexiteers will not matter because May and David Davis have basically caved in ,agreed a massive “golden goodbye” of £80 billion GBP and received nothing in return from the EU.
    May is a useless Prime Minister incapable of negotiating or standing her ground and Davis is fat,lazy and complacent.
    Rees Mogg lives in the Dark Ages but is at least honest.
    What is likely to happen is that we remain in the EU because the Bilderbergers and Soros have made it more expensive to leave than to stay as we were.
    The Conservative Party ,if it is to survive has to skip a generation and replace May and the entire Cabinet with younger more telegenic people such as Kwarzi Kwarteng,Johnny Mercer and some of the newer female MP’s.
    At present the ludicrous pronouncements about Corbyn and his so called “treason”from the Defence Secretary and others is backfiring because there is no evidence of any such thing.
    Similarly talk of Russian cyber warfare and Vladimir Putin wanting to kill millions of people makes the Conservatives look like idiots whilst Carillion PLC,the state of the Conservative run Northamptonshire County Council(bankrupt),the aftermath of the Grenfell fire,the failure to make a start on the housing crisis and the impending collapse of 2 more PFI contractors currently on constant watch by the Treasury gives the very real impression of a party in a death spiral led by someone who doesn’t realise the trouble she is in.
    It is time for “kill or cure”,either we remain in the EU or if we are to leave then we need to become an attractive Singapore style tax haven shorn of Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland,a bloated Monarchy,House of Lords,civil service and local authority structure fit only for the 18th century.
    I suspect Northamptonshire County Council will be followed by others such as Milton Keynes.
    This will be the opportunity to reform this sector which is acting as a drag on the economy and then to use this example to apply elsewhere.
    Savings made in these areas and the Barnett Formula can then make BREXIT work.
    Sadly we will get the worst of all possible worlds with May clinging on by her fingernails ,fiddling while “Rome burns”.

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