Opinion – Iran ‘WILL FALL’. Regime faces TRIPLE THREAT and could be brought down this year – The Daily Star


Here’s a fascinating article from UK tabloid newspaper the Daily Star and printed by the Daily Express. This very strong article cites an exclusive interview with Babak Taghvaee, an Iranian dissident and defence expert saying that the Islamic government is facing three key uprisings this year. For me the article is too assertive for the limited evidence which remains the biassed opinion of one person. Whilst, I accept the broad threads, I am not sure that the concept of bringing down the Iranian regime has been properly risk assessed. Surely, the more the Iranian regime is put under pressure, the more radical will be the interventions? Thoughts?

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  1. This is an interesting story via Dr Alf.
    Bringing down Iran sounds a seductive proposition to the people who wrote the narrative for the PNAC website which says that America should seek to effect “regime change” in Lebanon,Syria,Iraq,Libya,Iran and North Korea with Russia and China as the final conquests or countries identified for destruction .
    There is another document entitled “Pathway to Persia” which outlines the plans for a neutered Iran and a further document outlining plans to Balkanise the Middle East and split the Kurds who have now outlived their usefulness into 3 micro states.
    Ancient technologies worth far more than Iranian oil lie in the Iranian desert and America wants these for itself .
    Israel wants Iran dealt with for its own security and Saudi Arabia wants it dealt with before it gets too powerful.
    The Syrian war is costing Iran a great deal of money and the danger is that Turkey will create a wider war following its ethnic cleansing activities in Afrin.
    The sensible approach is to work on the young of Iran who unlike the Ayatollahs want a better life for themselves and are less belligerant.

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