Auction Work Visas After Brexit – Adam Smith Insitute (ASI) – John Gelmini

English: Child eating a veggie burger at a fas...

English: Child eating a veggie burger at a fast food restaurant. Français : Un enfant en train de manger un burger végétarien dans un fast-food. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m with Dr Alf, raising the skills of the indigenous workforce is going to take a very long time, as the UK state education system is at best 23rd in the world for literacy and numeracy and perhaps 44th overall.

Auctioning work permits is not going to get people into the country fast enough as many will be put off by a more onerous process.

The proposals do not address low UK worker productivity nor do they deal with laziness, poor motivation and the idea that UK workers are “above” certain types of work.

With postal workers, tube drivers, warehouse workers and fast food restaurants, the answer is robots and trades union de recognition. In other areas, the immigration limits have to be relaxed in relevant areas and benefit recipients must in parallel be compelled to do useful work in exchange for their benefits.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach – The Guardian/Observer

Here’s a historic, must-read, lead story in today’s Guardian/Observer. Whilst I accept the evidence presented, the implication is that 50 million Americans were duped into voting for Trump and a similar proportion of Brits were tricked on Brexit. I have also read the Observer’s editorial that picks up the thread and am deeply suspicious by the absence of hard evidence – it’s not enough for a journalist to write, ‘I’ve seen the evidence’. All the evidence must be in the public’s view or their proxy. To me, the editorial reads an anti-Facebook rant by a bunch of  champagne socialists. Should we expect the next edition to introduce the Russians as the true master-minds – a sensational story (without evidence), just as Putin wins the Russian election?