Opinion – Corbyn needs to take a long hard look at how anti-Semitism has grown in Britain’s Labour Party – Alistair Campbell – Newsweek

If you read the British & international media latest coverage of Jeremy Corbyn and anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, it might be summed up ‘fine words but light on action’. The more Corbyn turns to his Far Left powerbase, the greater will be the institutional anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. Alistair Campbell’s article is brilliantly incisive and is now published globally via Newsweek. Thoughts?

One response

  1. The Labour Party has been hijacked by Trotskyites and latter day “Dave Sparts” who are extremely left wing members of Momentum intent on offering potential young voters a life free of tuition fees and the need to be competitive.

    Then as Dr Alf knows there is a gigantic elephant in the room caused by an explosion in the number of Muslims in major cities in Labour constituencies and in parts of Central London.

    Most of these Muslims are law abiding and not troublesome but a significant minority are and they dislike “unbelievers”,”kuffors ” and infidels intensely.

    In my personal copy of the Koran which I purchased in an effort to understand why these particular Muslims think as they do .

    Sura 9.29 provides for permission to kill Jews and Christians and Sura 3.54 offers permission to lie about one’s true goals.

    In today’s febrile atmosphere of not enough work for the young and sky high unemployment for young Muslims it is easy to see how Momentum has been able to turn the innate feelings of resentment against Jews who are perceived to be responsible for everyone else’s bad luck.

    Jeremy Corbin is very left wing ,makes uncosted promises and espouses causes like Palestine ,an intractable issue which Mr Netanyahu could handle with greater sensitivity and finesse in my view.

    The election arithmetic mandates Boundary Commission changes to wipe out the 11% Labour advantage necessary for the Conservatives.

    Jeremy Corbyn knows and fears this possibility so he needs Momentum and all their anti Semitic baggage and tries to evade the issue.

    The Board of Deputies of British Jews has effectively “called out” Jeremy Corbyn who will try to extricate himself from the situation using weasel words,obfuscation and waffle.

    The outcome will be unsatisfactory because Corbyn’s need to gain political power is stronger than his desire not to be seen as anti Semitic .

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