Opinion – This is not a drill: Syria showdown could spark Israeli-Iranean and US-Russian Clashes – Haaretz

Here’s an outstanding article from Chemi Shalev, correspondent in left-wing newspaper, Haaretz. Is Trump about to trigger a new war in the Middle East? Thoughts?

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  1. Haaretz and Dr Alf are right in saying that this is not a drill.
    That said ,Donald Trump has rowed back on his threats of attacking the Assad regime with missiles which are smart and new in his latest Tweets.
    Now the position seems to be that the missile attack might come sooner,later or even not at all.
    This might be a bluff to try and confuse the Russians or it might be the precursor to a limited strike designed to demonstrate that the West is responding to purported actions by a “brutal dictator” in the form of Bashir Assad.
    The Syrians have a small airforce which is regarded as a joke so destroying it might look fearsome and impressive but would not change the facts on the ground.
    Assad ,short of assassination and World War 3 starting with an invasion of Syria is going nowhere and Russia is going nowhere.
    Hezbollah and the Houthis in Yemen along with the Kurds can be sacrificed and destroyed easily enough to protect the interests of Israel and Saudi Arabia.
    The interests of the USA,the UK and France are thus served as we can go on selling weapons to Saudi Arabia and the City of London will do well out of securing and leveraging everyon’s money.
    I predict missile strike that Trump can portray as “Fire and fury” and a limited shooting down of many of them by the Russians.
    The “actors” will then be seen to have made gestures to satisfy their audiences and the pantomime will continue..

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