Opinion – @MikeBloomberg on Brexit choice between bad and worse – Bloomberg.com

Former NY mayor and Bloomberg founder makes some powerful points in this op-ed. Let me give you a flavour:

Exactly how this catastrophic failure of leadership will be resolved is hard to say. No forthright pro-EU candidate for the highest office has emerged in either party. The country seems exhausted, and calls for a second referendum to reverse the Brexit choice is falling on deaf ears. Nothing short of a major political crisis seems capable of breaking the collective paralysis.

Yesterday, I touched on the subject of the looming Brexit crisis, with a British lady with keen understanding of current affairs – she was a Brexit voter. After I shared my usual argument in favour of  polar solutions, ‘very hard’ Vs. ‘very soft’, she weakly replied, ‘well, there’s no point in worrying about what we can’t change’.

I have been thinking about Bloomberg’s looming catastrophe and the British lady’s ‘head in the sand attitude’ and sharpening my own thoughts and personal plans.

My conclusion is simple. Brexit will happen and severe economic consequences will follow. The British people will vote the Tories out of power at the next election and they will pin their hopes on a Far Left Labour Government. Eventually, many British people will press their own personal ‘panic button’. Thoughts?


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  1. In 2016 America went to the polls. Through an incredible piece of bad cess the Majority were to be disappointed in their choice of leader while the minority rubbed their hands in glee. I don’t know whether they’re still rubbing. The man is an unmitigated disaster.
    In the UK the current leadership may appear weak but they are at least travelling down the road chosen by the majority of who voted. I don’t yet know what the outcome will be but nor do all those who pontificate and shout for a new vote. Is this where you keep voting until you get the decision you want. The choice was made and though we don’t get to vote for the leader of the party we have to hope that the MP’s who do so, have a reason for their choice.
    I’m not a big fan of Theresa May but she I hope, will be doing her best for the UK in the negotiations but since one of the reasons for the vote going the way it did was so that we could get back to a situation where we made our own trade agreements. A deal which ties us to Europe prevents that. A few years ago Greece’s economy hit the rocks and the UK despite not being part of the Eurocurrency was called upon (ordered) to help bail them out with millions of pounds. I like the Greek people and sympathised with how they got into that hole but as a Euro nation it should have been the Euro dealing with the problem.
    We will shortly be free of that kind of legislation I hope and back in the position we were when we were in the Common Market.
    I’m not sure the UK will dispose of the Tories at the next election because many of us remember how badly Labour handle the economy and their continuous borrowing. I hope there may be a leadership challenge in both parties before then.

    • Remember the old adage or idiom, ‘hope for the best, but prepare for the worst’ or Benjamin Disraeli’s version ‘I am prepared for the worst but hope for the best’.

      How many British people are prepared for the worst?

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