Opinion – The ‘Macron miracle’ could transform France into a global powerhouse – Brookings Institute

This is a good read from international think-tank, the Brookings Institute. I believe that the critical word in the headline is ‘could’. ‘Could’ is very early stage in the planning process and the other end of the continuum from achievement. But the article makes some sound points and Macron ‘could’ help France enhance her geopolitical position. Compared to Germany, the US and even the UK, France is largely unreformed. Having spent most of my career delivering strategic change, the France Transformation Program probably needs to be properly risk assessed and costed. If we’re tossing around the word ‘could’, it’s interesting to compare France to both Germany and the UK. With an ageing indigenous population, Germany’s mass immigration strategy seems to be introducing new risks, which are a potential threat to Germany’s economic, political and strategic outlook. Sadly, both France and Germany seem well positioned compared to the very high-risk Brexit deliverables. The strong probability is that the UK will be deeply weakened both economically and strategically  as a result of Brexit. Clearly, Macron was a restraining influence on Trump over Syria, rather than Merkel or May. Meanwhile, the UK’s Conservative Party is imploding and Jeremy Corbyn looks set to lead the first Far Left UK government, despite  allegedly being pro-Russian and an anti-Semite. Thoughts?


Opinion – In Syria, Trump Faces the Limits of Bluster – Editorial – NYT – John Gelmini

Dr Alf raises interesting questions about America’s role and by extension the thinking of Paul Wolfowitz and the Project For a New American Century Doctrine. Syria and what happens there is pivotal to this as is the role of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia and China.

For Trump to put “America First” he needs money and a very strong hand. He lacks money and something like $1.45 trillion USD of America’s debt is held by China so in any trade war both China and America would be the loser.

To topple Assad, America would need a coalition of strong and willing partners, including India to take on Russia and China, both of whom have nuclear submarines armed with nuclear weapons off the American coast and one of whom, China, has troops in a hidden base within the Mexican border housed in a complex of shipping containers(Source:Infowars.com).

America has space based forces and a “Death Star ” weapon in space ,placed there on the orders of GW Bush before he left office but with hypersonic glide weapons and a fractional orbiting bombardment weapon held by Russia any missile defences can be penetrated.

America alone does not have the economic means to both rebuild the country,  replace infrastructure and wage World War 3 which is what certain people in the UK would like him to do.

Russia is now closely linked to China and they are determined not to be “taken down” so easily which is why we have the Yuan as a new currency backed by gold as an alternative to the Petrodollar which is paper not linked to or exchangeable into gold.

China and Russia between them have more gold than anyone else in the world other than the Jesuits and the Black Pope in the Vatican and Germany has taken much of its gold out of America and has brought it back to Germany.

One might ask why, but I think it is representative of a German “Plan B” ,just in case the EU splits asunder.

Syria and Lebanon are the 2 remaining dominos in the Middle Eastern morass which have to be removed before Russia can be physically attacked. Russia will not let that happen without fighting and the attempts to seize its money through sanctions isn’t going to work because Putin has moved faster than the West and moved most of the money offshore whilst working on a rouble which is convertable into gold.

Hezbollah and the Houthi rebels can be beaten through a combination of Western weapons,   logistical support and an Israeli attempt to seal the border with Lebanon. Syria will have to be partitioned between Assad, Turkey and a Kurdish enclave but short of assassination, Assad will remain for the time being.

Iran can be turned towards the West through its young people who are secular and tired of rule by mad Ayatollahs.

World War 3 is coming just as General Albert Pike planned it in 1871 but there is hope.

Several times, going back as far as the Cold War, launch sequences of missiles about to be fired in anger have been stopped, not once but up to 3 times.

This has happened when unusual formations of clouds hovering over the launch sites have appeared literally from nowhere.

Having had 4 world wars detailed in the Vedic epics and the Hopi Indian Chronicles and then 2 more you might think we had learnt our lesson,but we are stubborn,warlike and will have to be allowed to look into the abyss once more before we are saved from our folly for the 7th time.

John Gelmini