Opinion – First-world problems: British professionals revolt as austerity hits the middle class – Economist

According to the Economist, the British middle-classes are increasingly feeling the impact of creeping austerity. My advice to them would be to ‘get used to it’, or ‘get out’. The economic consequences of Brexit will be savage for an already heavily indebted UK. Another Conservative Government after the next election will be forced to heavily ramp up austerity. Meanwhile, a Far Left Labour government will also meddle massively but very differently. Either way, the British middle classes are probably in for a prolonged and increasing period of pain. Thoughts?

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  1. I’m afraid Dr Alf is right because there is no export strategy to bring in much needed foreign exchange to balance the official Red Book finances.

    Instead, the UK has become the most corrupt country in the world, as identified by Saviano, the author of the book Gomorrah, which is about Italy’s second Mafia, the Camorra and describes how they steal and murder their way to wealth.

    Saviano discovered, when researching the book, which then became a film, that the UK was and is the “laundromat of choice” for the Camorra, the N’ Dangreta and the original Sicilan Mafia.

    These gangs, Chinese Triads, Russian oligarchs, Saudi oil potentates, Jamaicas Yardies and Possies all use the UK as a transit point for their money. The criminals use legitimate businesses to clean up the money and then send it back to their own countries where it can fund more crime and some legitimate activity.

    Money is created when the 15 fold increase in poppy crop since the invasion of Afghanistan mysteriously comes through the 7 major ports of entry in the UK ending up as heroin taken in varying quantities by what the Government claims is 250,000 people but like their figures for illegal immigrants (1 million) is likely to be 8 times that figure.

    Terrorists, many of whom are known to the authorities as members of congragations of rogue mosques such as Luton Central mosque which is 15 miles from my house also use London for their nefarious purposes.

    Usually the money stays for a short while and then goes overseas where it is turned into weapons, smuggled oil or Captagon drugs trading as reported on by the Guardian newspaper in the case of ISIS.

    The UK economy levitates on a sea of money of doubtful provenance but that props up the banking system whilst the dwindling band of taxpayers pay for inefficiently delivered services at 3 times the cost of identical services in Switzerland and Singapore.

    Double the Swiss and Singerporean costs of services o e can believe but triple suggests “financial irregularity” at best.

    Dr Alf’s advice is sound and wise, as it applies to to Britain’s middle classes who should in some cases also consider opportunities to earn money in environments overseas.

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