Calling All Musicians – Paphos, Cyprus – via Andrew Oliver

Map of Cyprus with Paphos

Map of Cyprus with Paphos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although I am retired, I try to support the music lovers of Paphos, Cyprus, by running Paphos Music Lovers Facebook group, website and newsletter. All of you know I do this for love and not for money. One thing that frustrates me is seeing the wealth of talent we are blessed with here in Paphos often playing to sparse audiences. I also hear from music lovers who find out about a really good event the day after it happens and ask me why the date was not better promoted! Obviously, a good audience is everything, both to the performer and the venue.  My few simple steps, as outlined below, could really help you hard-working performers make life easier for everyone.

First, unless you get your events in to me by the beginning of the month before the month of your event, you will not get the full benefit of the publicity Paphos Music Lovers offers because I post your events on Facebook one month ahead (as well as one week ahead and on the day) and the old media need copy by the middle of the month before the month of the show.

Second, the better the quality of the writing and images, the more chance you have of getting coverage in all media, old and new. This is why some venues and artistes get in the papers and online and others do not. Remember all publicity sent to me, not only goes in Paphos Music Lovers platforms but also to 150 media professionals, which gives you 150 chances of getting mentioned.

Third, a lot of importance is placed on Facebook and for sure, Cyprus has a high usage of that platform. However, Facebook only accounts for less than 25% of your potential audience. Half the people are not online and half the people who do pick up emails do not do Facebook.

Fourth, it is true that that most tickets will be sold to regular supporters of the act and the venues. That is why many people rely on Facebook, emails and text messages and even a blackboard outside the venue. However, it is not enough to simply target your immediate followers. You also need to target people who don’t know you or your venue. When I promoted, I found that 80% of tickets were sold to people on my mailing list and 20% were sold to new people, who then were added to my mailing list. That is how you build up a bigger following. The average person has 150 Facebook friends. I have 3,207. I did that by attracting people who were not previously aware of my activities.

So that is why I need your press releases NOW!


Andrew Oliver


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