Opinion – Trump and Iran – The Acid Test?


Here’s my two-cents worth, captured in my my most highly rated tweet this month:

Trump must cite hard-evidence if he reintroduced sanctions on Iran. Perhaps Israel is trying to bolster US resolve but watch for a shifting position from France, UK and Germany, otherwise Trump will be on a limb

One response

  1. Dr Alf brings us a cautionary tale on Iran, in which he reasonably states that Donald Trump should produce evidence of Iran’s attempts to produce nuclear weapons. The reality is more difficult.

    Iran through its proxy Hezbollah, the so called “Party of God”, is waging war all over the Middle East, and is itself a threat to Israel and destabilising for the region.

    Iran could develop nuclear weapons but the hard evidence sought by Dr Alf is not there. There is as the Americans say “No smoking gun”.

    Mr Netenyahu of Israel is not concerned about the evidence and neither is the American armaments industry.

    The original creators of the Project for a New American Century are concerned only with their doctrine of regime change and, of course, the planned wars designed to bring it about.

    I can recommend “Pathway to Persia” as a very good read as it describes in great detail the rationale for regime change in Iran.
    The PNAC website was more direct, rogue states were to be subjected to regime change.

    The countries listed for an application of what Donald Trump calls “fire and fury” are Libya, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, Russia and China.

    Libya and Iraq have gone, Afghanistan, not on the list, is now occupied with 15 American bases staffed by Executive Outcomes and the new outsourced American Army,the former XE run by Erik Prinz.
    Syria is the “stone in America’s shoe” and the roadblock for Israel which wants to topple the Iranian regime to protect itself.
    The “Greater Game” is the dominance of the rest of the world by the elimination of all regimes that do not match Western ideals.
    It is not about Trump, “evidence” or the Iran deal but rather a blueprint for a 3rd World War to bring about the endgame outlined in General Albert Pike’s letter to Mazzini written in 1871 and on open display in the British Museum until 1974, when it was taken off open display. It was however copied by a Canadian military officer who wrote books about Albert Pike.

    Trump, in this connection, is little more than a pawn on a chessboard controlled by others whose desire for evidence is precisely zero.

    It is instructive to note that the objectives outlined by Pike for World Wars 1 and 2 in his letter came true in every respect, even though the letter preceded the 1st World War by 43 years and World War 2 by 68 years.

    The letter is on the internet for all to see and was even republished by the redtop Daily Star within the last 3 months.
    Iran will have to be contained and Donald Trump replaced at some point but for all our sakes it must not be 3rd time lucky for dead Satanist Albert Pike.

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