Opinion – Determining the worldwide prevalence of obesity – the Lancet

This Lancet article highlights how obesity is being understated throughout the developed world but even more significantly in the developing world. With under-reporting, we must expect policy-makers to be seriously behind the curve in terms of effective intervention. Consider America’s delayed recognition of the opioid crisis, well the obesity crisis is likely to dwarf opioids in terms of social and economic impact. Thoughts?

Opinion – Israel’s Intelligence Coup Actually Provides Good Arguments for Staying in Iran’s Nuclear Deal – Dennis Ross – Washington Post

Here’s a good article in the Washington Post by Dennis Ross, a distinguished fellow at the Washington Institute, formerly having served in senior national security positions in the Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Clinton and Obama administrations. I must admit, I identify with the thrust of the argument. Although oil prices are jittery, I sense that Trump will kick the can down the road yet again. This will be a partial victory for Iran and will probably harden Israel‘s resolve to tackle the Iranian threat. Thoughts?