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  1. George Soros is the Bilderberg Group’s selected “pointman” for “colour revolutions
    ,”umbrella revolutions” and the disruption of any movement that stops or tries to stop the further enlargement of the EU.
    He will stop at nothing and as Dr Alf knows he has the money and backing to bring down currencies and create financial pressure on recalcitrant Governments and politicians who in turn can make ordinary people suffer to the point where they are forced to either reconsider or simply give in.
    I suspect he may succeed as the things that should have been done by May and Davis were deliberately not done which is almost certainly a deliberate attempt to derail the process.
    Dr Alf as a Remainer should welcome Soros’s intervention because it is likely to tip the scales towards the UK having a second Referendum and returning to the fold as part of a reconstituted “Greater Germany” plus countries like Saudi Arabia and Israel.

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