Opinion – MPs are set for an autumn of chaos & poison – The Guardian/Observer

Here’s an outstanding insight from Observer Policy Editor, Michael Savage. It’s worth dwelling on the headline citing ‘chaos‘ and ‘poison‘. Of course, the focus of the chaos depends on your politics. For me, there’s a terrible smell in British politics for two reasons. Firstly, the ‘Corbyn Experiment’ has failed, evidenced by institutional anti-Semitism and Brexit chaos. Secondly, Theresa May’s leadership has brought the UK to its knees. Both Corbyn and May must go and quickly, ushering in younger, unblemished leaders. Alternatively, politicians must earn their pay and break away forming a new political centre. Let’s face, there’s a high risk of a very hard Brexit, and the poison and chaos of either a Far-Left or a Far-Right government in the UK. Thoughts?


One response

  1. It is not often that I find myself in complete agreement with the Guardian but on this occasion Michael Savage is spot on .
    Dr Alf who brings us this article is right in his overall analysis about May and Corbyn but I think perversely that the political system is so bad and so toxic that somehow these utter failures (May and Corbyn) ,will profit from the confusion and remain.
    This is akin to the strategy of a skunk which preserves itself by being so malodorous that no self respecting predator will want to try its luck.
    We truly live in troubled and unpredictable times

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