Opinion – Forget the pleadges to act – London is still a haven for dirty Russian money- Oliver Bullough – the Guardian

This is an interesting article in the Guardian but it completely misses the point. In Russia, politics and big business are closely woven together. Thoughts?

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  1. Dr Alf is right about Big Business and politics being intertwined in Russia and the Guardian article half makes a point.
    The reality of the UK financial system is that it is kept afloat by money from drug barons,3 Mafias including the N’Dangreta,the Camorra and the Sicilian Mafia,Chinese Triads our own home grown Adams family who the Metropolitan police are afraid of and powerless to stop,Ukrainian oligarchs,corrupt African dictators ,wealthy plutocrats using the UK as a tax haven but resident elsewhere.
    Then there are Arab oil sheiks ,Eastern European criminals,terrorists.
    In the scheme of things Russian “dirty money” represents a tiny fraction of the money propping up the banking system.
    The Government’s “Red Book” representing official figures is in reality £5 trillion GBP in the red and our ongoing balance of trade has been £3 billion GBP a month in deficit since 1981 ,a period of nearly 38 years.
    Successive governments have pledged greater transparency and tried things like the “Assets Recovery Agency” which failed to cover its running costs and was closed down.
    Now we have “Unexplained Wealth Orders” which will also fail.
    The pretence is that the UK is “fighting corruption and dirty money” when the reality is that it cannot afford to do so and effectively turns a blind eye because the country has still not grasped the need to pay its way via legitimate means

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