Book Review – The Left’s Jewish Problem, Jeremy Corbyn, Israel and Antisemitism – Dave Rich

This book is a recommended read. With the Economist arguing that Jeremy Corbyn could well be the UK’s next prime minister, the latest edition of this book gives us some brilliant insights into the politics of Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters on the left of the UK Labour Party. The latest edition is extremely comprehensive, analytical, and longitudinal, right up to the Summer 2018. The conclusion is that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is institutionally antisemitic, just like the metropolitan Police were found to be institutionally racist in the Stephen Lawrence enquiry.

The author, Dr David Rich, is a leading authority on antisemitism, anti-Zionism and political extremism and lectures regularly on these subjects in the UK and overseas. He has written for newspapers and journals, including the New York Times, Guardian, New Statesman, Huffington Post, Standpoint, Ha’aretz, World Affairs Journal, Jewish Chronicle, Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs and the Forward.

The book is careful not to accuse Jeremy Corbyn of being an anti-Semite but raises deep questions about Corbyn’s past associations. Ultimately, as a political leader Jeremy Corbyn must be measured on what he does, as well as what he says. As leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn has permitted factionalism to prevail and institutional antisemitism to fester. The political context described in the book should be of interest to anybody worried about a Far-Left government in the UK.






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  1. Jeremy Corbyn is a wolf is sheep’s clothing and has promised the young and all sorts of other people a veritable cornocupia of benefits without considering where the money will come from. Dr Alf, who brings us this piece about Dave Rich’s book, is right to be worried about Corbyn’s supporters as I am more worried about his past.

    The Labour Party has lurched to the left and contains Marxists and Trotskyites who believe in a Palestinian State and couldn’t care less whether Israel exists or not. They also believe in wealth distribution so they see in the UK’s 350,000 hardworking Jewish community a ripe and enticing target.
    Israel itself under its present leadership lacks imagination in its approach by evicting Palestinians from land on the basis that God gave it to them years ago. A more creative approach would be to build upwards, downwards and reclaim land from the sea, which would expand the land available for Palestinians, whilst creating more space for settlements at the same time. Systems building and cut and cover techniques could be used to do this at lower cost than conventional methods, thus reducing tension, the potential for terrorism, reprisals, harsh evictions and bad press.

    Labour cannot win any election without young people and the increasing number of those “left behind” and it cannot do it without those in the North, who have been written off as the Government injects billions into Cambridge,the revitalised “Varsity Line”, London and the cordon sanitaire within the M25.

    Jewish people have been expelled from more than 80 countries over the past 5000 years and have been used as scapegoats for the travails of Gentiles for at least as long. Much of this is down to what marketing people call “Brand Toxicity” created by misinformation, lack of knowledge, conspiracists and sadly, bad press caused by the present Israeli government over reacting. Jeremy Corbyn is too smart to do the scapegoating himself, so he lets Jon Landsman and Momentum and the Guardian’s token gay man and “Tribune for the people”, Owen Jones, do it for him.

    All people need to remember that during World War II, the railway lines to the concentration and extermination camps were never bombed as a direct result of orders from Roosevelt and Sir Winston Churchill. My late father saw the policy in action in France when he personally witnessed a railway station in France pulverised to rubble by an RAF Lancaster bomber whilst the cattle cars containing 70 Jews each were left intact along with the trains hauling them to their destinations.

    Much of the sorrow expressed about the Holocaust was and is representative of “crocodile tears” and fake concern, particularly by the Foreign Office who are packed with Arabists and by the Business Department which is effectively the front end of British Aerospace Defence Systems and the conduit to foreign exchange from arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

    Jeremy Corbyn is concerned about votes so since there are many Muslims whose votes he needs and few Jewish people he has decided to court the votes of Muslims who have a very high rate of familiy formation rather than Jews who are tiny in number and unlikely to vote for him anyway.

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